331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet

  • 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet

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How to Build a Ford 331 Stroker. 347 Stroker. Part II 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet Most stroker kits for the 302 utilize a 28oz balance factor. As we showed in the part 1 of this series, we had our flywheel balanced to 28oz. At the front end we ordered up a 28oz hub for our existing Fluidamper. The 50oz hub is removed and the 28oz piece bolts right to the outer ring. 63. Ford 331 Cubic Inch Stroker Engine - Mustang & Fords You can make 400 hp and 400 lbs-ft of torque from a 289/302-based block with a low-buck 331-inch stroker kit and nodular iron crank, I-beam rods, and hypereutectic pistons. However, this is the 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet

DSS 331 & 347 stroker Seeking Advice /Opinions/Suggestions 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet

DSS 331 stroker Hi I was talking to Tom today from DSS. I originally wanted the 347 stroker but with my 58cc heads And wanting to use my stock balancer and flywheel. He told me about the 331. It would work well with my 58cc heads and my E 303 cam and keep all my aftermarket parts on my other motor. pros and cons of 331 vs 347? | Ford Mustang Forums For this, I might well choose a 331. Also, for a very high rpm race engine that is horsepower-limited by the induction/exhaust airflow capability, the 331 would be just as good of a choice as a 347. For naturally-aspirated street or street/strip, the 347 is the only way to fly. The Pecking Order: Edelbrock Ford Head Test 331 Ford Head Test-Stock vs Edelbrock Performer RPM We always welcome big power gains, but it is even better when the extra power at the top of the rev range comes with no loss in low-speed torque. Equipped with the stock E7TE heads, the 331 stroker produced 346 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque.

The 363 - The Hottest Ford Stroker - Hot Rod Magazine

THE OLD SMALL FORD STROKER OPTIONS A stock 302 uses a bore and stroke of 4.00 x 3.00. By using an overbore of 0.030 inch and an afermarket 3.250-inch stroke, you get 331 ci-a setup that is most 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet Stroker kit, 306 or 331 for a 1991 Mustang GT | Ford Mustang 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet I was on the fence 331/347. I decided on a 347. Your HP/TQ will depend a lot on your heads and cam combination. :gringreen Also wether you have to stay emmisions legal, electric water pump etc. Side bar; I could probubly post my combination and rotating assembly one of these days. Pros and cons of different stroker motors | StangNet A 347 will not last as long as a 302. Will it last a long time. Sure. As Barry at Survival Motorsports says, he isn't a big fan of the pin intersecting the oil ring for a street car. If you go 347, get the 5.315" rod and get a good builder.

Pros and cons stroker kit for 302? | Page 2 | GT40s

Interesting numbers: 302 CI / 366HP = 1.21HP per CI 331 CI / 415HP = 1.25 HP per CI 347 CI / 450HP = 1.29 HP per CI IMHO 1.3 HP per CI is just about the practical limit for pump gas. I bet every one of these motors are between 10.0 to 1 CR and 11.0 to 1 CR. Again a practical limit of pump 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet Pros and cons stroker kit for 302? | GT40s Since I am going to do this, I might consider a stroker kit, but I don't know about the pros and cons. My 302 is mated with a UN1 with LSD. It has 48IDA Webbers. It now has 366hp @ 5748rpm and 476Nm @ 4687rpm. I use the car mainly for trackdays, but also want it to be good for road use. Pros and Cons of a 393 stroker | StangNet PROs are it is a realitivlely cheap stroker to build ie. stock 351 rods and a 302 piston. You only need the 3.85 crank. 10 second power can be had with the right induction. CONs are all of the folks who have never built one telling you what the problems are. Oh and gas prices.

Ford 347 Engine Build - Budget Small-Block Ford Stroker 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet

We asked around about the difference between a Ford 347 and the 331 stroker kit for the 302. We heard the 331 needs to rev beyond 6,500 rpm to make the same power as the 347, making the larger 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet 351 stroked to 427 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet pro's & cons? | Factory Five Racing Forum I went through the same type of reasoning with a 342 vs 331 on a 302 strocker kit. I wound up with a 342 stroker from Coast High Performance (std. bore block). I decided that I would probably not put more than 10K miles a year, if that much. 347 stroker pros and cons | DFW Mustang Forums 347 is a .030 overbored 342. The early 347 kits had some 'oil control' issues, but that is ancient history and really minor. The 342/347 has only one real drawback and it is the stock block. If you use an aftermarket block, it is an excellent upgrade.Don't use the 331, it needs more stroke IMO.

347 VS 351w | Ford Mustang Forums

347 Vs 410 I have had both 347 and 351 based motors in my coupe. I had a 347 with a sportsman block and it was a good motor built by Proline. The 347 will not last as long in my experence, due to the rod angle. My car ran 6.80's with the 347 and it was not real street friendly. I now have a 410 with an novi 2000 (8#-10# boost Low). 347 Stoker pros and cons - Foureyedpride 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet 347 Stoker pros and cons I have heard that the 347 had oil controll problems that would eventually result in engine damage. I have heard you can slightly reduce the rod length (turning it into a 342 ish) that would help with the problem. 331/347 or 351 | Mustang Forums at StangNet what would be a more dependable street friendly motor? I am in the process of rebuilding a gt40 motor and want to stroke it. are their any advantages of the 331 over the 347? I also have the opportunity to grab a 351 for $150. would the 351 be a better engine for a daily that will most likely 331 or 347 stroker? pros and cons? stangnet

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