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  • The elongation of low alloy high strength steel is 15% - 23%, and the impact absorption energy is more than 34J at room temperature. The stereo microscopes, low alloy high strength steel has good plasticity and impact resistance, which can avoid brittle fracture during impact, and make cold bending and welding easy. In addition, the brittle transition temperature of low alloy high strength steel is low, and the absorbed work value of Grade E steel is not less than 27J at - 40°C. This is of great significance to the engineering components and transportation tools such as vehicles, ships, offshore oil platforms, containers, bridges and so on.

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What is a Stereo Microscope? - New York Microscope Company

A stereo microscope is an optical microscope that provides a three-dimensional view of a specimen. Learn how a stereo microscope works and when to use one. At New York Microscope Company we offer one of the largest selections of Stereo Microscopes. Related searches stereo microscopes

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Stereo Zoom Microscopes - Microscope stereo microscopes - Affordable stereo microscopes Stereo Microscope Parts. A low power or stereo microscope typically employs objective lenses of 50x or less. It is used to view specimens that are visible to the naked eye such as insects, crystals, circuit boards and coins. A stereo microscope has three key parts: May 18, 2012

Stereo Microscopes | Fisher Scientific

Browse a full range of products from leading suppliers. Shop now at Fisher Scientific for all of your scientific needs. Stereo Microscopes Microscope Central This stereo industrial inspection microscopy system includes a triinocular 3.5-90X zoom microscope head, a double-arm boom, a 30 Watt LED fiber-optic illuminator, and a 18MP USB3.0 camera. It is a stereo microscopes $2,656.99 $1,770.99 Stereo Microscope | Microscope World A stereo microscope may also be referred to as a dissecting microscope. When using stereo microscopes in industrial setting for inspection and quality control, the zoom feature on the stereo microscope is incredibly useful, as it allows quick change in magnification and the ability to zoom in or out to see greater details on the sample.

Stereo Microscope - Parts, Types and Uses | LaboratoryInfo stereo microscopes

Stereo microscope Large working space; Compound microscope Little working space . Light. Stereo microscope The specimen is viewed using reflected light. Compound microscope The light is transmitted through the object. Functions. Stereo microscope It is used to examine the surface of solid substances.

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