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  • The surface hardness of NM400 wear-resistant steel plate usually reaches 360-450HB, and the steel has a high mechanical strength. Its mechanical properties are three to five times that of ordinary low alloy steel plate. NM400 wear-resistant steel plate has excellent mechanical properties and good wear resistance, and can adapt to various mining conditions under different working conditions. NM400 steel can significantly improve the wear resistance of mechanical components, improve the service life of machinery, and reduce production costs.

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Process Interface Valves - Swagelok with Flange Outlet Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Swagelok process interface valves provide a smooth transition from process to instrumentation systems in a single, compact assembly . Benefits include fewer leak points and reduced size and weight compared to traditional systems . Features Valves and fittings use materials selected in accordance KEYSTONE FIGURE 55 DOUBLE FLANGED BUTTERFLY VALVE KEYSTONE FIGURE 55 DOUBLE FLANGED BUTTERFLY VALVE VALVE DATA - METRIC Part Name Part Name 1. Body 7. Bushing 2. Disc 8. Plug 3. Seat 9. O-ring 4. Shaft 10. Circlip 5. Disc-screw 11. Dirt scraper 6. O-ring NOTES 1. Dimension B is according PN10/16 EN 1092-2. For DN 550: ISO 2084. 2. Flange accommodation must be specified when ordering. 3. Valve flanged double

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A flange on one or both sides of the wheel keeps your equipment running on square structural tubing and other rails. The wheels have roller bearings for smooth rolling. Iron wheels offer the strength and wear resistance you need for heavy loads and long life. Steel wheels provide the highest capacities of any wheel material. Flanged Steel Wheels For Sale | Industrial Wheels Double flanged wheels ensure the best in safety and operations for rails with inconsistent geometries and/or signs of damage or wear. Reliance Foundrys double flanged wheels are designed for use in commercial wood-drying kilns, but many commercial and industrial sites also require double flanges for more secure operationsespecially where flanged double Flanged Manifolds - Stewarts Group Flanged manifolds can be configured with various valve types, and number of valves to suit the application. Configurations include Single and Double Block Bleed, Ball/Needle/Ball, Needle/Rising Plug, Vent valves or Bleed plugs and also Auxiliary equipment pipe connections.

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Single Flange & Double Flanged Wheels. Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Forged Steel. Capacitity range from 500 to 4,200 pounds **Click on wheel for more detailed information.

Both parties shall confirm the flanged double material object and the quality of the products, confirm the reasons for the defects and the quality of the products, and sign the quality inspection agreement. Major quality objections shall be reported to relevant leaders in a timely manner, and shall be discussed and solved with the flanged double steel plant.

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